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Promoting Your Business through Your Company’s Website on the Internet

Mon, Jul 9, 2012

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Having a successful business does not just take a good product; it takes good contacts and effective advertising, with effective advertising being effective advertisement. Website promotion is a must. Getting your site to the top of the charts takes work and dedication and most of all, an effective advertising plan.  Whether you chose to take this task on yourself or to hire a professional, there are steps that should be followed to ensure the success of your campaign.   Every newbie to the field is overwhelmed with the vast array of advertising and each seems to be promising.  However, a novice may tell you that a combination of different advertising methods is the most effective.  The first thing to master is your strategic plan.  This is a defining of your company’s strategy or direction and utilizing resources to pursue the strategy.  The strategic plan will include strategy on the business’s capital and people, as well.  The business may use various analysis techniques in their strategic planning such as SWOT, PEST, STEER, EPISTEL.  SWOT stand for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, whereas PEST stand for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis, STEER stands for Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Ecological, and Regulatory factors and EPISTEL stands for Environment, Political, Informatic, Social, Technological, Economic and Legal.

The strategic planning is the course of strategy for your business.  It will concentrate on questions regarding your business to ensure its success.  You strategic plan may revolve around the questions.  “What do we do?” Or, it may center around the question “for whom do we do it?” Or it may concentrate on “how do we excel?”     The strategic plan may build prognosis for the next year or it may be built well into the future.     The plan begins with knowing where the business stands at to begin with, then project where they would to go, and determine how they plan on getting there.  This forms your strategic plan.

Strategic planning is a projection of what you want to happen and how it will happen.  It is not a guarantee that you will achieve the results that you want, but what you feel is necessary to gain results.  It also may be readjusted to different techniques if your plan is not being product in achieving results for your business. Vision will be your long term objective.  Mission will be your short term objective.  Values are what drive your business culture and priorities.

Your strategic plan will be the map of ways to achieve success.  Let’s consider that you are operating an Internet business or a business that you plan on utilizing the marketing media of the Internet to advertise your company.  You will then focus on how to gain your company exposure on the Internet. Internet promotion is your focus here.

You will begin with SEO or Search Engine Optimization.   This is basically getting your business positioned high in page index rankings.   On the Internet, you will be promotingthrough your company’s website.  Your website page is extremely important.  You will want it to be attractive and informative. You may have only the one chance of gaining a customer and it may be through your prospect landing on your webpage or website.  Design and content are important.

Having your company appear in the search engine index will depend on various factors.  One is through keywords or keyword phrases.  Internet users type in a keyword or keyword phrase in their browser when they are searching for something.  If these are the keywords or a keyword phrase that you use for your company than your company will come up among others in the search.  Where your company is positioned will depend on its ratings.  This means the number of visitors you have had to your website.  If you and five hundred other companies have the same keywords then they will come up in the search at the same time as yours.

So, you will research and study your audience, develop your web content and use your keywords within the content of your website or webpage for its promotion. You will also focus on visitors to your website. This will be your website promotion. Your website promotion will be considered a campaign and this campaign may be through many different methods of adverting.

Once you have the basics completed you will be ready for the promotion of your website.  Your website promotion is effective advertising to gain you exposure, thus gaining more sales for your company.  Whether you seek the advice of a professional service or complete the task independently it will be your livelihood on the Internet.  In focusing on visitors to your site, you will be focusing on advertising methods that produce results.

Search Engine Optimization focuses on various forms of advertising methods.  Campaigning will include many different methods all of which will focus on raising your rankings or position in the search engines.  Your content is extremely important.  If you are not skilled with writing content it is advisable to seek the help of a professional.  Often times you grab or lose a reader within the first two sentences of your writing content.  It is one of the most important areas within your advertising campaign.

Your campaign may include the use of article submissions into online article sites.  Through this avenue, you will gain exposure to your product and you will also gain search engine rankings.  You will want to write your article with the keywords or keyword phrase in your content.   At the end of the article you will want to include the link directing the reader to your website in the resources box, or add resources with you link at the bottom of the end of your article.   Other areas you may chose to focus on are email campaigns, postings in forums, URL and directory submissions, among others.

Internet promotion is effective.  You will want to devise the right combination of methods that produces results for your company.





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website promotion

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internet promotion

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