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Usefulness of Search Engine Optimization Tool, Forum and Engine for your Web Site.

Fri, Jun 8, 2012

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Every marketer is looking for the right combination of techniques or methods to produce their golden egg on the World Wide Web.  Long gone are the days of advertising to a safelist or two and acquiring a huge downline.  Search engine optimization has now taken over and it is on the focus of every marketer.  Reaching the top of search engine optimization means to reach the golden egg on the World Wide Web. It is becoming listed in the top number one position in the search engine result listings.  This is a trophy in itself for every marketer.

SEO or search engine optimization is Internet language for a technique which a marketer uses to make their web pages more convenient and useful for their customers while making them more transparent and readable to search engines.  The goal of search engine optimization is to get web pages to receive more views thus achieving higher standings in the search engines.

Search engine optimization begins with the design and construction of your website.  Writing strong content for you website is a main focus.  Search engines are looking for pages that contain relevant content.  Focus on using your keywords high in the article content and throughout the body of your content.

Steps to follow when constructing your site:

1. Find you keyword phrases that best relate to your site / product and:

a. Include the keywords/phrases in valid HTML code

b. Include in Meta tags, titles, and subtitles

c. In the first paragraph

d. Repeat throughout the content of the site without a density of more than 2 – 5%

Do not optimize your entire site.  Optimize one page at a time.  Then move on to the next page and find the keyword that bests captures the theme of that webpage and do the same.

Search engine optimization will not happen overnight.  It can be frustrating.  Do not give up and do not get discouraged.  Results can be slow but getting to the top ten in the search engine listings is achievable.

Utilize your tools.  With search engine optimization there are a variety of tools that you will be able to utilize in order to gain the most to your website.  One search engine tool is the Page Checker. This is a tool that will check duplicate and similar pages of your WebPages and other webmasters with similar content.  This can be very beneficial as in many search engines you are penalized for duplicate or similar content.

The search engine Spider is another search engine tool that is of great advantage in search engine optimization.  This tool allows you to see your WebPages exactly as the search engines see them.  It will also display hyperlinks which will be followed by the search engines when the website is visited.

Domain Stats Tool is a search engine tool that will help you in getting statistics of your competitor’s domains.  These statistics will include Yahoo WebRank, Pages indexed by various search engines, Alexa Traffic Rank Backlink count, and age of the domains.  As you can imagine this can be an excellent source for staying ahead of the competition and knowing what and where and how effective their advertising efforts are.

There are so many search engine tools that it would be impossible to list them all in a single page.  However, when constructing your website and SEO campaigning you will want to do some research on the different search engine tools available that will help you produce winning results.  Incorporate as many as you possibly can without letting it hinder in the actual content or functioning of the site. It would actually be a good idea to list all the tools or at least the ones you would like to use and then go ahead with the optimization.

When constructing your web site you will have the option of various tools and software.  If you have a site that has many pages or products that are indexed than you may chose to add aweb site search engine to your website making your web site user friendly for your visitors.  These web site search engine scripts can be found for free or at a cost and are moderately easy to install.

A great place to hear what other have to say and gain insight is through a search engine optimization forum. This is a place where marketers unite and discuss techniques, methods and theories of what is effective in marketing and share ideas with one another.  You can post questions or ideas and chat back and forth.  Experience and expertise is an advantage on the Internet and a search engine optimization forum is a great place to listen to others with the knowledge and understanding of what interests you and your Internet marketing business.

Take advantage of the many search engine optimization techniques available on the World Wide Web and fully understand what they offer and how they can benefit you.  Search engine optimization does not happen overnight.  It requires becoming a professional of the trade or hiring a professional.  Being in the number one position can happen fairly quickly or it can take time.  Just as you can reach the number one position in the search engine ranking and immediately be booted back down.  It is discouraging and a constant battle to stay ahead of the competitors.  Know your competitors and know their different methods in marketing.  This will help.  If the competition is constantly beating you out then find out what they are using for their advertising, which they are targeting, what they are advertising with.  You will not want to copy their scripts but what works for the competition may work for you.  Take advantage of the different search engine optimization forum and speak with other marketers.   Look into the professional services and study what their packages include and get an understanding as to how search engine optimization works.   The World Wide Web has become the best source for advertising for many and knowledge of it can send you over the top of your business expectations.

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