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Website Submission Free for Every Optimized Online Trade How to Submit your Site to the World Wide Web Directories, My Tips and Advice

Sat, Nov 19, 2011

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Popularity and visibility are two main concepts which every online business owner wishes to have for their websites. With each, your website will be obviously known to potential consumers and will be clicked on for possible purchase of your trade. Most websites turn to search engine optimization techniques to become popular and visible among millions of competing websites online. You could just imagine how many websites are there on the internet which tries their luck on the online market. Website submission free is one of the best ways to maximize the potential of your website in acquiring the visibility and the popularity you need to earn revenues and flourish in the World Wide Web. Website submission is your way to being accessed by visitors. Search engines use algorithms. Algorithms are something that should be focused on as they are what are used to index the site. Algorithms prefer natural writing compared to keyword stuffed gibberish. Crawling websites each day, they index the results through the most relevant information from the various sites. Search engines rank sites through popularity and relevant content and everyday crawlers are crawling websites looking for relevant content to ad to their search result listing page.

Generating SEO benefits is not an easy task. It does not happen in just a snap of the finger. It has been said that you need to make sure that your fundamentals are excellent before you can enjoy the perks of advancement. Going back to the basics has always been a surefire way to start transformation. Website submission process is a lot like that, too. It is not in any way spared from the first step of advanced SEO strategies which is making sure that the initial visual make up of the page is excellent before going through the intricacies of developed optimization. Page rank increase includes website submission free, increased backlinks, site map creation (if possible), excellent title, original and useful content, site update and inform the world out about your online business.

Backlinks are surefire ways to enhance your popularity and visibility on the internet. These are your connections to other websites or web pages that are linked to your posts. They are important in your quest to gain high ranks in the search engines because the latter also base their evaluation on the number of links which are directed to your site. The significance given to backlinks by the search engines is because of the fact that they are a revelation of your website’s ability to provide useful information to your visitors.

The perks brought about backlinks are as important as to submit to web directories. Backlinks may seem a little easier to do for those who are capable of producing relevant content. You may write on your own or you may employ other people to do the writing for you. Whatever method you may want to settle for, the important thing is you are able to entice people to link their sites with your website. If more and more people are linking their websites on your site, the search engine will reward you with higher rankings. However, it pays to know that not all backlinks are essential to your search engine rankings. Some backlinks are not useful if they are not naturally attached to your site. Search engines are critical about natural backlinks. Inbound links are what you need to strive to have for more rewarding evaluation from the search engines.

So, you understand backlinks are links that are incoming from another website to your website. This is search engine optimization promotional marketing. Take article submissions, this is an excellent example of SEO article submission as creating the inbound links through the article sites improves ranking by taking advantage of their ranking status in the search engines.

Now, if you have done all possible basic strategies for your website it is time to go on to the higher level of search engine optimization. You may ask: How do I submit my site for free? Anything free is beneficial to you and to your online business. Search engines and directories like Google offer website submission for free. Registration is easy as you just have to submit your URL to Google or any other search engines. You have to search on the keywords “URL submits” and a link should be clicked to direct you to the submission pages. You can also download the Google Base Connector. This is very useful once you have created an account with Google. This software will automatically upload any new product or service which you include in your system. Moreover, the items in your online store will be visible more quickly to audience without even having to pay any amount. Other search engines you may wish to submit to are:

To download the Google Base Connector visit:


Moreover, toolbars are also an incorporated service from the search engines. As you decide to submit your website for free and register on the directories and search engines, you will automatically be allowed to access your page rank, to find your backlinks and to have an easy search boxes on your screen all the time. This is one way for you to keep track of your progress as you have submitted your website. Keeping track of how well you are doing will serve as your guide to scour for more opportunities of increasing your ranks and earning website traffic hits. Your site statistics will tell you where your traffic is coming from and what triggered them to click on your website. The advance and free assessment of your web page status will tell you how you can improve your efforts, what strategy will you retain and which should you eliminate. Referring domains are your means to discover the websites which have driven traffic to your online store.

It pays to be included on the internet’s most popular and most widely used search engine which is Google but it also pays if you are able to get into the databases of other search engines next to it like Yahoo, MSN, and Ask. When you submit to web directories or search engines, you are awarding your website the best chance to be known worldwide. Just make sure that your URLs are easy to remember and are not confusing to the searchers. Make sure that your domain name and the titles of the inner pages of your website where your visitors will be directed are interesting, clear and short. This is one good way to entice searchers to land on your web pages.

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