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Watch your online Internet visitors both unique and raw with free software

Thu, Mar 4, 2010

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Every webmasters advertising campaign is geared towards bringing online visitors to their site.  It is the online visitor that creates traffic thus improving their rankings in the search engine results.  And, as we all know, search engine optimization is our goal.  Through higher rankings in the search engine results we open the door to the Internet world of users, thus exposing our site to every possible search user, provided that we have successful keywords or keyword phrase.  The difference between page one and page thirty makes a world of difference.

There are two types of visitors to your website.  There are the internet unique visitors, which are the first time visitors and the internet raw visitors, which are return visitors.  Search engine optimization is geared towards bringing targeted visitors in, thus producing the highest visitors or results to your website.

You will begin with an Internet marketing strategy or SEO, which considers the working of search engines and what the search engine users are looking for.  There are different methods that may be employed when SEO marketing.  Image search, industry-specific vertical search, and local search engines may all be utilized.  This will gain exposure to the webmaster.

The strategy will begin with research.  The website and product or service will be researched thus being able to produce the best content and the best keywords or keyword phrase.  It will then focus on the design or re-writing of the websites content.  Once this is achieved, choosing the keywords in which to promote the website through will be chosen.  The marketer will then begin to market their site to bring their rankings in the search engines up.  This will happen through acquiring visitors to the web site.

Advertising campaigns evolve around targeted traffic.  This is you highest producing audience.  It is bringing interested prospects to your website, offering them your product or service.

The advertising campaigns success will be measured in amounts of Internet unique visitors and Internet raw visitors.  The Internet unique visitor will be the webmasters measurement for the site’s true audience size.  The Internet raw visitor will be included in the total counting of the websites Internet visitors, which will tell the webmaster how many return visitors they have.

Your site should have a log file analysis software to calculate the number of Internet unique visitors and Internet raw visitors.  Knowing your online visitor is an important part of your strategic plan.

Many web sites are set up with features that are beneficial to both the Internet visitor and the webmaster.  Some such features are the online chat feature and the visitors online now feature.  The chat feature allows the visitor to click a button to get a live representative thus being able to ask questions.  This is a feature that is liked by every Internet visitor.  Another feature is the showing of how many visitors are on the site at the present time.  There is something very nice about knowing the popularity of a site.  This is especially productive for the webmaster in means of measuring campaigns.

The visitor online allows you to watch your visitor online at the present time.  This is a visitor counter and can be either a free or paid script or software that you install to your site.  The advantages of being able to watch your visitor online free are that it not only adds professionalism to your site, it will help in measuring results to your campaigns.  The free software or script can be added when designing or reconstructing your site.  There are many paid versions as well, and you will want to research each, before making your decision.  When you run an email campaign to a targeted audience, you will be able to productively measure the results in a specific timeframe, thus having further insight as to your audience.  With this and an ad tracker on your campaigns you will be able to estimate, track and record the productiveness of each campaign charting it strategically.

Visitors to you site being able to watch other visitors on you site is also attractive.  Normally these counters will include such features as total visitors online now and most visitors ever.  The feature adds a security to the visitor online as it helps to gain popularity and trust towards your service or product.

Internet marketing is your bread and butter on the Internet.  The simple submission of your website in the search engine listings will not result in a great gain, unless you are ranked high in the search engines.  It is important to devise a strategic plan through careful thought, consideration and research to develop your campaigns into productive results for you business.  It will begin with the marketing of your website which in turn will lead you up the ladder in the listings of the search engines, opening the entire Internet and its visitors to your site. This can be accomplished independently or with the assistance of a professional.  The advantage of a professional service is that they are trained and equipped in Internet marketing.  They know the audiences, what it takes for success and how to go about devising a strategic plan to ensure this success.   However, one can successfully market their site themselves with research and study, learning the successful techniques necessary to follow to produce success.  There are also online universities that one can enroll in that will teach the art of successful marketing.  Many successful marketers have come out of these courses.  This will take months to weeks to create your strategy.  Keywords and keyword phrases need to be researched and studied, knowing what their effectiveness will be and advertising campaigns must be given thought.  Know what you are doing before you begin to do it, and your success will be achieved sooner.

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online visitors

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the visitor online

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internet unique visitors

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watch the visitor online free

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