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Fri, Mar 19, 2010

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As any Los Angeles SEO company will tell you, putting an internet link on your website is one of the best ideas a website owner or developer can have. It is important, though to keep in mind that internet links don’t generate the biggest or the most appropriate visitors flow in any given website, though they do offer some assistance and comfort in the creation of the content.

It must be first declared what it is a link in itself. Internet links are small passage ways from one website to the next or from one page inside a website to the next, in a similar manner as anyone would turn the pages of a magazine, an internet link will create the same thing, though it might not look the same.

You are creating and programming your website, regardless if what you are aiming to create is a business website or something that is only for your personal pleasure or even if it is intended to be a source of knowledge or prevention. With this means in mind, you will create your website according to a schematic or plan that you might have outlined or have in your mind.

Making an amazing linking with HTML code is not a hard task and you do not need to be a seasoned web designer or have a degree on internet design. It only requires creativity and the knowledge of the basics.

The first thing that you need to do is decide if you are creating a text link or an image link and follow the basics on each case.

Text links

Using an HTML code for a link will require you to write the first command, the one that sets the work of the link, this is the opening command: . Then select the word or the phrase that you are going to use and finally close the command with .

It should look like this: molecules, in the finished page, it will look like this: molecules

You can change the size and the color of the text link with the following commands: and , as usual with HTML codes, finish the command on the font with one for each command.

So, for instance if you creating the link on red and medium size it will look like this:


In the finished page it will look like this: molecules

To this end, you have a specific amount of information that you will use in your website. When it is a store, the information that you will be using might be related to the types of product as well as the uses of them that the consumer could benefit from; the same applies if the consumer is being offered a service.

The same applies when it is an information organization or a website that is devoted to a personal interest, the amount of information that you will be placing on the website is limited, though once it has been posted it might seem or look overwhelming. When you are calculating the amount of information that you will be putting on a website, then it is important that you also take into consideration that while it is important to upload all the pertinent information it is also important to balance things out.

This said, you can either create a special page and even name it “my links” web part, in it you can list by banner, buttons or even with a small synopsis all the link pages that you are referring to. Of course, if you decide to create a: “my links” web part you will need to be careful not to be too informal if your website is formal and vice versa. In addition, it will be important for you to keep the relation between the internet links and the website that you are creating close.

Learning to do and program internet links is not a difficult task and it does not cost any money, there are many websites that offer constant tutoring, forums and even one-on-one guides that will teach any neophyte to program adequately any website or webpage. If you are creating a web store it is important to know that free internet links should be available to enhance and entice as well as improve the most out of their new customer experience as well as to reinforce those that are already customers.

This is also applicable in the case of purely informational websites; free internet links will enhance the appeal of your website and as a consequence more and more people will be lured and invited to approach it and to keep coming back to visit. Internet links don’t provide you with the internet flow that you want or that you need to make a gain or a profit, in addition, internet links won’t give you either the position to beat and win over other websites that are focused on the same information or products as yours.

When a website has adequately placed and selected their links, then it can be safely said that internet links won their hosting website with at least 20% of the current surfers. It might seem too much to comprehend but consider the following example: A person who is skilled in a particular area or profession wants to make money off from the internet, as a consequence he or she establishes a blog page as well as a website where he or she offers his or her products and services.

These two pages should be linked and the adequate linking will make it easier for their potential customers to keep in touch; they will know that by visiting one they will be able to link to the other. So, internet links won their place as the best commercial and referential links between the two websites. If you consider that free internet links are also recommended for website masters and owners that want to make the most out of the website that they are building, then the doorway to other sites are well as the internet links don’t have to be diverting.

As you can see, competition between the websites is not only carried out outside and between the different websites that are posted and created inside of the internet they are also in competition inside the website that you are already creating. If you dismiss or diminish the internet links that you will be using in reference to your own websites and web pages, then your internet links won’t be able to compete with those that you are placing of other sites.

Remember that internet links don’t hassle or lure people by themselves, it is the way that you handle them and produce them that will make the difference between the success of your own website links and the free internet links that you will be using of others.

In the end, the way that you approach and handle the creation and selection of the internet links that you might put in your “my links” web part can be as relaxed as you want it and it can be also as diverse as you need it. Of course, there is no need for you to forcibly put a “my links” web part anywhere on any of your websites, you can simply insert the free internet links anywhere you so choose to.

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