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The Importance of Internet Web Site Promotion Advertising & Marketing for Your Site

Fri, Feb 26, 2010

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Web advertising is a vital tool for website promotion. Different types of advertisements such as pop ups, banner ads and sky scrapers etc can be used for website promotion.

How Web Advertising Can be Used for Website Promotion

Web site promotion internet marketing can be used in many ways. Web advertising can be used in following ways for website promotion.

  1. Search Engine Result Pages

This type of results shows a list of web pages. These web pages are presented in response to query of keyword by internet user. Search engine results include a list of websites, a link to web page, and a detail description about keyword.

  1. Interactive Media Ads

This kind of ads permits the participation by recipient. This kind of ads helps in promotion of websites. This method of web promotion is used by many internet advertising agencies for promotion of websites.

  1. Email Spam

These are ‘junk mails’ or ‘bulk mails’. Same type of mails is send to many people through email spam. Spam emails are also called ‘Unsolicited Bunk Email’ or ‘Unsolicited Commercial Email’. This method is very common method of website promotion.

  1. Social Network Advertising

This method is used by many advertising agencies for promotion of websites and online business. In this type of advertising social networks such as Friendster, Orkut, My space etc. are used for advertising products and services. The advertisers can target people according to their demographic information.

There are three methods of social networking advertising

  • Direct Advertising through Own Network: One can create a network of friends on social networking sites and do advertising through it.
  • Direct Advertising on Social Advertising Site: This type of advertising can be done by placing direct ads on social networking websites.
  • Indirect Advertising through Groups: This kind of advertising can be done by creating groups or communities on social networking websites. One can also create his or her on webpage and link it to social networking website. This is also effective method of advertising for website promotion.
  1. Web Banners or Banner Ads

These types of ads appear on the screen when a webpage that contains the banner is loaded on the web browser. These ads provide direct link to web pages of advertisers. Multimedia technology is used for creating these ads. These types of ads are placed by advertising agency on the web site promotion and internet marketing of another site. These ads are placed on popular websites.

  1. Classified Advertisements

These types of ads are popularly used in online newspapers and journals. This method is frequently used by internet advertising agencies for website promotion.

  1. Advertising Network

An advertising network is network of companies which connects web sites that wish to host advertisements with advertisement agencies or advertisers who wish to place advertisements.

  1. E- Mail Advertising

This type of advertisement is done by sending marketing or commercial messages to people in form of emails. Emails marketing can be done in following ways:

  • Emails can be sent to people for making new clients.
  • Emails can be sent for building relationship with existing clients.
  • Advertisements can be sent through e-mails.
  1. Webcast

This is a type of interactive site promotion internet web advertising. This kind of advertising promotion can be done with the help of online videos. This is very popular method of web promotion. This is an effective method for web advertising.

In this way, online advertising is a potential tool for website promotion.

Tips for Using Web Site Promotion Internet Web Advertising

There are many ways of web advertising for website promotion. The methods of web advertising help in increasing the traffic of a website and also help in achieving the goals of a business pursuit. The profit of a business can also be increased through web advertising. The tips for using web advertising for web promotion in cost effective manner are as follows:

Use Google AdWord

If one has less money to spend on web advertising, then one should plan his or her advertising campaign carefully. One should use Google AdWord for advertising his or her products and services. Google AdWord is best option of advertising, if one has to spend less money on advertising. Google is the topmost pay per search engine. One can get good results by placing advertisements on through Google AdWord.

Selection of Popular Keywords

One should select the keywords carefully for one’s websites. Keywords should be focused on target audience. One can get good results by making careful selection of keywords.

Submission of Articles

Submission of articles in the article directories is also a good method of web site promotion internet marketing. The process of submission of articles in the web directories is done free of cost.

Make Use of Free Advertising Methods

One can use web advertising methods such as articles, free for all pages for advertising one’s products and services on internet.

There are many methods of web advertising which can help a website in attracting constant traffic. In this way one should start publicity of one’s website with cost effective methods of web advertising. One can invite good traffic to one’s website by using free methods of web advertising.

One can hire the service of internet advertising agency for website promotion. One can make use of services of advertising agency for web promotion only if one has good budget for advertising. The traffic for one’s website should be constant and it should not boost your a business activity for limited time.

Internet Advertising through Network Advertisers

Network advertisers are companies that work for distribution of online advertisements. Network advertiser offers commission to a website for allowing other companies to put their ads on a website. There are some advertisers who offer specialized service for placing ads on web pages. The network advertisers charge money in three different ways:

Network advertisers use three different methods for charging fees:

  • Cost per impression (CPM): This commission is based on the number of times an ad is displayed on a website. This is very cost effective method for purchasing advertisements.
  • Pay per click: The fee in this method is based on number of clicks received by an ad. This method of advertising is more costly than CPM. This method of advertising is also more effective than CPM.
  • Pay Per Action: This fee is based only on the action of customers on the call of an advertisement. This is one effective way to check the performance of an ad.

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